What We Do.


Cove Construction is a turnkey residential and commercial construction firm; from initial site-survey to delivery of final occupation.

Well-built, lasting spaces are the product of experience, meticulous planning, attention to detail and forward- and creative thinking; more than just the simple mechanical assembly of materials.

Cove Construction is a maintenance service provider to Property Developers and Managers, Body Corporates and lessors.


Painting – Residential & Commercial

Salvage & Demolition

White Boxing



Utilities (Plumbing & Electrical)


Cove Energy consults on, supplies and installs residential and commercial renewable energy systems.

Renewable and green energy systems

  • Are more cost-effective per kilowatt than conventional electricity, resulting in tangible savings.
  • Supply is secure – no interruptions, no inconsistency, no more damaged appliances.


***Cove Energy uses only proven and guaranteed products. Our energy systems are designed and tailored to your requirements.

Solar Panel Installation

Maintenance and Repairs

Off-Grid Solutions

Grid-Tied Systems

Energy Efficiency Consulting

Solar Energy Storage